Prayer & Anointing

Is anyone among you sick . . . let elders pray over him, anointing him with oil
James 5:14
With Oil comes Prayer & Anointing . . . 
I used to think it strange whenever I'd hear of people being anointed with oil for purposes of healing or consecration. Now I can't imagine not anointing others who are sick or hurting!

What brought about my change of heart? First, I was introduced to the power of natural essential oils. And second, I began to read the 1,000+ references to oil in Scripture much differently.

How had I missed the fact that two of the three gifts given to Jesus at His birth were OILS!?
Clearly the wise men of old believed that the oils of Frankincense and Myrrh were valuable gifts, fit for a King. And it wouldn't be the last time Jesus would be offered precious oil. In one memorable gospel story, a woman pours an entire jar full of valuable oil upon Jesus' head (Luke 7:46). It was an act of love and sacrifice. It was an anointing, And Jesus looked upon that act with great favor and approval.
I've come to learn that oils have been used for prayer and consecration since the beginning of mankind. Only in the modern age have we lost sight of this sacred, ancient practice. Yet James 5:14 reminds us: Is anyone among you sick... let elders pray over him, anointing him with oil.

It's time to renew the practice of prayer and anointing with oil.

It should be practiced in the church. It should be practiced at home. Prayer and anointing with oil should be our first instinct whenever someone is sick or hurting. It should be used when we ordain or dedicate people or even places, just as Moses anointed the tabernacle with oil. 

What if we started practicing the ancient art of anointing one another with oil? How would God use that act of faith?

In the spirit of renewing the call to prayer and anointing with oil, I have begun this practice at home with my husband and children. And, alongside a full measure of Scripture and prayer, my Holy Yoga students all receive a special anointing with oil at each of my Oil Pray Love Yoga classes. I have tangibly seen what a physical and emotional blessing takes place even during this brief moment of anointing prayer.

How about you? Will you consider trying what ancients have practiced since time began? Contemplate how you might participate in this restorative method. Step out in faith. See what happens.

Let me know how I can encourage or train you in the sacred art of prayer and anointing with oil.
Take the anointing oil and anoint him by pouring it on his head.
Exodus 29:7
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